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Are you looking for a way to obtain extra funds so that you can pay off your debts immediately? Do you want to take a vacation as soon as possible but you don’t have the cash? An excellent way to solve your financial troubles is to sell your vehicle to TakeTheDrive.

We are ready to purchase an automobile from you, as we want to help you out. Our certified and licensed inspectors will arrive at your location, to take a look at your vehicle. Depending on several factors such as condition and miles covered by your car, SUV, truck, or minivan, you will receive a fair price.

How long will the process take?

Once you receive the estimate for your vehicle, you need to decide whether you want to accept or decline the offer. If you are happy with the value, you can sign the papers and hand over the automobile and receive payment by the end of the day.

What kind of documents do you need?

You need to have the appropriate documents if you choose to sell your vehicle to TakeTheDrive. It is important you have a proof of ownership along with driver’s license or any other type of government ID.

If you financed your vehicle or leased it, you need to have a lien release or payout statement from the lender. The documents you obtain should contain your account number so that we can make the necessary payments to the lienholder.

Why should you choose TakeTheDrive?

As several dealers offer similar services, why should you choose to stick with TakeTheDrive For starters, we ensure to give you the best value for your vehicle. Once you agree to our offer, you will receive payment immediately.

Also, you never have to deal with any of the problems you might face if you have a private sale. You may come across bargain hunters who are always on the lookout to make cheap, low ball offers. Sometimes, the person you meet during a private sale may not have the necessary funds to purchase your vehicle at a fair price. This costs you valuable time and money.

When you choose TakeTheDrive, you never have to worry about hidden fees. We provide the best value for your vehicle so that you can solve your financial problems as soon as possible, quickly and efficiently! Don't have a means of bringing your vehicle in? We will come to you! Our licensed appraisers are always on the road appraising and purchasing vehicles, running or not.


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