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When you want to get a car loan through conventional methods, you have to cross a myriad of hurdles. First, the financial institution will find out about your credit history, before taking a look at your loan application. If your credit history is good, you will have the wait for at least 7 – 10 days before you get approved.

What if your credit history isn’t good or it is non-existent? You will have to run from pillar to post, to find a financial institution that will accept your loan application. Let’s say you find one, but you have to wait for several days as the entire process is time-consuming.

In both these situations, the downside is that there is a long waiting period before you can get the loan. As everyone in Canada wants a car, the dealership might have already sold your favorite vehicle to another customer by the time your loan gets approved by the financial institution.

Apply for a car loan with TakeTheDrive

With TakeTheDrive, a top-grade financial institution, you never have to deal with these problems as we understand the true value of your time. We don’t want you to wait for even a week, to get the finances to purchase your dream vehicle. We made our online application form simple so that it only takes two minutes to enter all your details.

Don’t worry about where you are living as we have partnerships with dealers all over Canada, such as AB Edmonton, SK, and Lloydminister to name a few. If you have found any of our online advertisements, they will redirect you to our online application form. You can also apply directly on our website.

Once you fill in all your details, one of the approval centers close to your location will get in touch with you. Our experts in vehicle finance will give you a plethora of options, depending on your lifestyle and expenses.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to apply for our online fast car loans. On top of that, we follow the “no obligation” policy, which gives you the freedom of taking a loan from us, only if it meets your requirements.

Apply today so that you can drive away with an incredible car at an unbelievable price!


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