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No Credit Car Loan

Most common no credit car loan situations:

1st-time buyers/ first-time buyers

There are a lot of Canadians who haven’t purchased any vehicle before. You are also a first-time buyer and you have saved up ample amounts of money to purchase a vehicle. However, you want to go with a better model as it gives you better value for money. When you approach any financial institution, you may not get a car loan as you don’t have a credit history.

Instead, you can choose to do business with TakeTheDrive, who is more than willing to work with Canadians of all ages. We have partnerships with a large number of dealerships throughout Canada, who have a wide collection of vehicles. We go out of our way to ensure that you pick an incredible vehicle at the right price for the first time in your life.

New to Canada

When you have just moved to Canada, getting financing from any company is challenging, as you don’t have any history with Canadian credit. We believe that everyone should get a car loan, as life without vehicles is unimaginable. Thanks to our partnerships with various dealers, you can get financing for your vehicle, if you became a permanent resident of Canada recently.

No credit

In Canada, the only time you will need credit is when you have to spend large sums of money to purchase things which will improve your quality of life, such as vehicles. Due to this reason, you can spend a significant portion of your life without ever taking credit from any financial institution.

When you approach a business with the intent of taking a loan, you fall into the category of “no credit.” It is a financial situation where you will need to build your credit score from scratch. TakeTheDrive is different from others because it makes your life easier, as you get to pick a payment option that fits your budget and lifestyle perfectly.

Bad credit

Another common category among Canadians is bad credit. During the earlier stages of your life, you made mistakes because of your financial situation. Due to this reason, your credit score went down, which made it extremely difficult to get a car loan. TakeTheDrive is different as we are willing to work with you, even if you have bad credit.

Fill in your details in our online application today so that you can pick up the car you always wanted!


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