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Loans for Cars

TakeTheDrive, a premier financial institution since 2010, has helped thousands of Canadians purchase their dream vehicles through our plethora of options. To give you an idea of our top-level services, here are some of the credit situations where we provide car loans.

Types of Loans for Cars

  • No credit loans for cars - In Canada, individuals can start building their credit score once they are at least 18 years old. During this age, a lot of Canadians want to purchase vehicles, as they need it for their daily needs. However, when they have to get a car loan, it becomes an uphill task. If you are 18 years of age and you want to get a head start on your credit score by taking a car loan, we are ready to help you out by approving your application and finding the right vehicle.

  • Bad credit loans for cars - There are different ways you can fall into the category of bad credit, such as having collections, some of your accounts got written off or you didn’t make a couple of payments on time. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a car loan, as you now have more control over your finances. If your credit is not up to the mark, you can avail of our bad credit loans for cars, which have extremely high rates of approval.

  • Zero down loans for cars - One of the many obstacles you face during life is when you have to save large sums of money to purchase a vehicle. We know how difficult it is to stick to a small budget for a long time, just to save thousands of dollars. Instead of worrying about your expenditure every month, you can avail our car loans where the down payment is zero or extremely close to this figure.

  • Loans for cars after bankruptcy - When you are overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of bills you have to pay regularly, filing for bankruptcy is one of the many methods you have at your disposal. Although it is a smart financial decision, you need personal transportation, which requires a loan. As you may have realized, getting a loan is quite difficult after you get discharged from bankruptcy. With TakeTheDrive, whether you did or didn’t get discharged, we will accept your loan application, so that you can start building your credit score once again.

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