Loans for Bad Credit

Get a loan for bad credit

Although there is a lot of information about getting loans with bad credit, customers still tend to come across a variety of articles that are misleading. To help you out, we have dispelled some of the most common myths about bad credit loans.

Bad credit loan myths:

  • You can’t get a loan with bad credit! - False – The most common myth is that you cannot get a loan if you have bad credit. Although this may have been true several years ago, the industry is changing. Lenders have realized that the ups and downs of the country’s economy have a huge impact on credit scores. Due to this reason, they are looking beyond the credit score of their customers, to help them out by providing loans.

  • If you do get a loan the interest rate will be really high - False – Due to the change in the finance industry, you no longer have to say okay to loan with high rates of interest. All our customers have gotten loans with low interest so that they can rebuild their credit score.

  • I’ll be forced to choose a vehicle I don’t want! - False – We will never force you to buy a vehicle that doesn’t meet your requirements. We made sure that the dealerships we suggest (with whom we have partnerships) have a myriad of cars, minivans, SUVs, and trucks. Also, we follow a “no obligation” policy when you apply online. If you are unable to find a vehicle that you are looking for, you don’t have to buy it.

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