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Lloydminster Bad Credit Car Loans

Do you live in Lloydminster in the province of Alberta or Saskatchewan? Are you finding it difficult to get a car loan from every financial institution because of your bad credit? If your answers are yes, then you should get in touch with TakeTheDrive, a premier financial institution. We don’t judge your ability to repay a car loan, by only looking at your credit score.

We understand that there were times in your life where you didn’t have enough finances to make your ends meet, which is why we are different from other financial institutions. We also know how vehicles have become a necessity, as personal transport has become an important part of our lives. Whether you have to go to work or go to a nearby city to meet your best friend, having personal transport saves you a lot of valuable time.

When you choose to do business with TakeTheDrive, here is a brief rundown of how we will help you out:

  • One of our many professionals, who has gone through significant amounts of training in various credit scenarios will get in touch with you. The professional will have a comprehensive list of used vehicles so that you can find the right automobile for all your needs.

  • Our professional will present all the vehicle and financing options that meet all your specific requirements.

  • After our professional is done talking, you can choose whether you want to pick up a car, minivan, SUV, or truck.

Credit Experts Trained to Handle:

If you are wondering about the training our credit experts receive, here are some of the situations which they can handle without any problems:

  • Bad credit due to written off accounts or unpaid bills

  • Discharged from bankruptcy or it is still an ongoing process

  • Collections due to utility and phone bills

  • No credit as you are a first-time buyer or you came into the country recently

Other Cities Serviced by Lloydminster Bad Credit Car Loans

Here are some of the cities where you can avail our world-class services:

  • Bonnyville

  • Elk Point

  • Grand Centr

  • Killam

  • Macklin

  • North Battleford

  • Provost

  • Saint Paul

  • Two Hills

  • Unity

  • Vegreville

  • Vermilion

  • Viking

  • Wainwright

  • Wilkie

All you need to do to avail a bad credit car loan from us – fill in our online application, which only takes two minutes or contact us at 1-780-298-2797!


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