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Honda Civic – Financing Available

Honda Civic, a timeless car from the Japanese manufacturer, is one of the most sought out cars in Canada. Whether you are looking at style, performance, comfort, fuel economy, or customization, there isn’t any vehicle that can match the Honda Civic in its price range.

However, when you are part of the small percentage of Canadians who have bad credit, getting the finances for your dream Honda Civic, is never going to become a reality. Regardless of how many dealerships you approach, you will always get turned down by them as you don’t meet their requirements.

Luckily for you, TakeTheDrive, a renowned financial institution, is here to help you out. If you are looking for Honda Civics produced from 2002 – 2012, we got you covered. Thanks to our partnerships with various dealerships (we also have Honda dealerships in our prestigious list) throughout Canada, we know who is more than willing to accept your business, despite having bad credit.

It is our pleasure to find the right dealership within your area so that you can take it easy while getting the financing for your vehicle. Unlike banks who pay attention to your bad credit mainly, these dealerships look beyond that, as they want to help you out.

When you choose TakeTheDrive, you get to pick from the following models of Honda Civic:

  • 2003 Honda Civic Si 2-Door Coupe

  • 2004 Honda Civic SiR

  • 2005 Honda Civic Reverb

  • 2006 Honda Civic Ex Coupe

  • 2007 Honda Civic Si Manual

  • 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

  • 2009 Honda Civic Coupe

  • 2010 Honda Civic EX – L

  • 2011 Honda Civic DX

  • 2012 Honda Civic LX Auto Sedan

How Do I Qualify For A Car Loan?

If you want us to process your application in record speed, apply online today. As we deliver the Guaranteed Approval Process, we will work extra hard to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. If you are a customer with poor credit, you must meet these small requirements to be eligible for our bad credit car loan:

  • Your total monthly income should be a minimum of $1800.

  • You must be at least 18 years old and a permanent Canadian resident.

If you are living in the following areas, you can apply immediately:

  • Alberta

  • BC

  • Labrador

  • Manitoba

  • Newfoundland

  • New Brunswick

  • Nova Scotia

  • Ontario

  • PEI

  • Saskatchewan


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