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Financing a Used Car

When you live in Alberta, having bad, poor, or zero credit is a bad situation as your life becomes difficult. Because certain employers are looking at your credit, getting jobs becoming challenging. Employers believe that bad credit is an indicator that you are not responsible.

Also, when you need to take an auto loan from a bank so that you can purchase a used car for your daily needs, your application will get rejected because of your bad credit score. Regardless of which bank you approach, you will get the same answer - there is too much risk to give you an auto loan.

The next option you have is to approach dealerships that accept all types of loan applications or have 100% approval rate. However, when you contact these dealerships, you will find out that you don’t meet their requirements.

The last option you have is to contact private lenders, who are willing to provide an auto loan. However, the catch is that you will have to pay enormous amounts of interest, as the lender is taking a huge risk.

It isn’t fair that you are unable to get a loan for a used car, just because of your credit score. TakeTheDrive, a top-level financial institution in the country, understands that the credit score is not an indicator of your repayment capabilities.

When it comes to financing used minivan, car, SUV, or Truck, you won’t find any company better than TakeTheDrive. We are ready to give you a loan, even if you have had problems with credit in the past.

Once you apply online, we will connect you to a local approval center, who will help you get any used car. Our financial experts will give you access to a plethora of options that make your life easy and convenient.

Now that you know the benefits of working with us, why don’t you fill in our online application? All you need is two minutes to complete the application. Also, we only require the information that we find useful. TakeTheDrive will get you approved as soon as possible!


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