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Dealerships that Help Bad Credit Customers in Alberta

When you fall into the following financial categories – poor credit, no credit, or bad credit, finding a dealership that will help you purchase the right car is next to impossible. Even if you come across dealerships with “100% Approved” or “All Applications Accepted,” the reality is that they won’t be able to help you.

Bad Credit Customers – Dealerships that help

You don’t want to be driving from one dealership to another, just to find that they won’t accept your loan application. To help you save time, energy, and other resources, here is a simple guide that will help you find the right dealerships for bad credit:


The first thing you need to take a close look at is the dealership’s inventory. If you are unable to find vehicles that suit your preferences, it's pointless in obtaining a car that makes you feel unhappy. If a dealership is committed to helping out customers with bad credit, then their inventory should possess more than 50 pre-owned vehicles. Also, their collection vehicles should consist of cars, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.


Once you identify a car dealership with a good inventory, the next step is to find out if they have partnerships with a plethora of lenders who can obtain finances for you, due to bad credit. Carfinco, RIFCO, Scotia Dealer Advantage, and TDAF are the most popular lenders who are known for helping customers with poor credit. Some dealerships provide in-house financing, allowing you to pay them for financing your purchase.


It is important that dealerships that specialize in bad credit customers have a department with employees trained in this field. It doesn’t make sense that you talk to a salesperson who’s there just because he/she doesn’t have anything to do at the moment.

TakeTheDrive Helps Bad Credit Customers

As TakeTheDrive is a premier financial institution and used car dealership, we will always help you, even if your credit scores don’t meet the bank’s requirements. We will direct you to local dealerships with the perfect inventory, departments, lenders, and programs so that it becomes easy to purchase a vehicle. We won’t even take long to process your loan application.

Enter your details in our online application which will take two minutes that purchasing a car for your daily needs is no longer a dream!


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