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Dealers that help Customers with Bad Credit in Alberta

When you fall into the percentage of Canadians who have bad credit, your life becomes difficult. For starters, if you want to get a car loan, all banks will reject your application, even if you have the financial means to repay it.

Why won’t banks look at your loan application because of bad credit scores? Well, a credit score is a system that shows the bank how likely you are to pay back the loan. It consists of various factors, which reflect on your credit score. If you have been making late payments or you went bankrupt, as you were struggling with your finances, it will account for a poor credit score. As no bank wants to take a risk with those who have low credit scores, they will never do business with you.

Once you no longer have the option of going to trustworthy financial institutions, you will have to approach private lenders. The problem with this is that you will have to pay significant rates of interest, even if the loan amount is small. Sometimes, even private lenders won’t accept your loan application because of your credit score.

You also have the option of approaching dealerships specializing in customers with bad credit. After spending hours driving to dealerships, you will find that despite having “100% Approval,” they will still reject your application because you didn’t meet their requirements.

When you choose TakeTheDrive, we ensure that your life is as convenient as possible.

Thanks to our partnerships with various dealers throughout Alberta, we will direct you to those who will help you out, despite your credit score. Given below are just a handful of areas where you can find trustworthy dealerships:

  • Alberta Dealers

  • Cold Lake Dealership

  • St Paul Car Dealers

  • Lloydminister Dealers

  • Vermillion Dealers

  • Edmonton Car Dealerships

  • Red Deer Dealerships

  • Saskatchewan Auto Dealers

All you need to do is fill in our online application, which takes only two minutes. Our specialists in vehicle finance will get back to you so that you are several steps closer to purchasing the car you always wanted!


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