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These days, getting the car of your dreams isn’t difficult, especially in Edmonton, because you can always get auto finance. Lenders make your life easy, as they function differently from banks, who value credit score immensely.

Instead, they use other factors which determine your actual ability to repay the auto finance, such as your salary. If you want to purchase a car in Edmonton, TakeTheDrive auto finance is the way to go. Here are three advantages to drive home the point on why you should take a loan:

Access to TakeTheDrive exclusive dealership list

In Edmonton, if you want to find a dealership who will give you the perfect rates of interest, you have to visit them. You need to spend several days, going to different businesses, to see which one is good. Also, you have to make sure the dealership has an extensive collection of vehicles so that you can find the right automobile for your needs.

With TakeTheDrive, you never have to face this problem, as we already made a list, due to our partnership with dealerships all over Canada. We will tell you which ones have the best fleet of automobiles.

With financing tailored to meet your requirements

Unlike other lenders who give you a flat rate for their services, we adapt our auto finance, depending on your financial capabilities. We understand that the spending power of each in Edmonton is different.

We never want to place a strain on your finances, as we know it will make it harder to repay the auto finance on time. The rates we offer are second to none in Edmonton, which is why customers keep returning to us for availing car loans.

Straightforward process

We know that not everyone has the time and patience to sit and fill out forms. At the same time, we understand that people don’t like to share unnecessary information. When you choose TakeTheDrive, it will only take you two minutes to complete our online form. We ask just essential details, which we need to process your application.

Get in touch with TakeTheDrive today so that you can go home with a great vehicle!


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