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How to Buy a Car as an Immigrant?

When you are new to Canada as an immigrant, one of the first things you need is a vehicle. Having personal transport in Canada is essential, as it makes your life convenient. However, as an immigrant, you might find the whole process overwhelming, as you don’t know where to start. Here is a simple guide, which will help you purchase a car:

Obtain the necessary documents

To be a legal owner of a vehicle, you need to have the following documents – driver’s license, vehicle registration, a 9SIN social insurance number, and insurance. When it comes to driver’s licenses, you can exchange your old one for a new one. However, this depends on the country you have immigrated from and how much experience you have on the road.

If you have to get a new driver’s license, you need to have an official abstract letter or document, the old license, and the card for Canadian citizenship. You can get the official abstract from your country’s consulate.

Once you obtain the driver’s license, the next step is to get car insurance. You need to provide information about your vehicle, such as mileage, model, registration number, and make. You have to provide the driver’s license for all the people who want to use the car. If you completed any safe driving or driver education courses in the last three years, you can submit these certifications. They will help you get better rates for your insurance policy.

After getting insurance, you have to register the vehicle with the Canadian government to make you the legal owner. You need to submit the necessary documents, such as driver’s license, insurance policy, license plate number, and ownership title and certificate of sale.

An alternative method to purchase a car

If you don’t want to spend large sums of money or you don’t want to deal with the registration process, you can get a car loan. The advantage of getting a car loan is the credit union or dealership will register the vehicle. The best place to get a car loan at reasonable rates of interest, which will never be difficult to pay, is TakeTheDrive. Thanks to our partnership with numerous lenders around the country, you can select from a large fleet of vehicles and financing options


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