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Have you been turned down by multiple dealerships and are seriously annoyed with the car buying process?

Our car customers recently told us that TAKE THE DRIVE was the ONLY company that could actually get people approved that have been turned down by multiple banks.

Why is TAKE THE DRIVE so successful?

First, let me ask you this….

When you went into the dealership to purchase a car, did the sales team ask you to come into the dealership showroom and tell you that you could get approved on a car loan without even running your credit or knowing your credit history?

The odds are you’re answering yes to this question.

When you went into the dealership to purchase a car, did the sales team have you test drive cars and perhaps even wasted your time, only to find out that none of their banks can help you?

The odds are you’re answering yes to this question also.

However, at TAKE THE DRIVE the people that are driving away in cars are:

* Getting approved!! * Getting into cars with previous repos and bankruptcy issues!! * Getting into cars with only one month on the job!! * Reestablishing themselves financially!!

Those people ARE NOT letting dealerships and salespeople waste their time. They are contacting TAKE THE DRIVE immediately!!!

You see, TAKE THE DRIVE has cracked the code on how to truly help people and how to stop wasting their time so that the customer can go into one store and spend the rest of their time with their friends/family or going to work.

If you want to know exactly how these customers get a car in 3 SIMPLE STEPS, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Call TAKE THE DRIVE and be brutally honest with us about your previous credit history and financial challenges.

  2. Be prepared to provide us with proper documentation. (TAKE THE DRIVE will tell you what’s needed over the phone)

  3. Be willing to trust TAKE THE DRIVE and know that we seriously have your back and your best interest at heart.

APPLY NOW and we’ll get the ball rolling!


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