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Are you worried that your car loan won’t get approved because of your credit score isn’t close to perfection? If yes, then why don’t you get in touch with TakeTheDrive? As a top Canadian financial institution, we don’t look at credit scores to judge whether we should approve or reject your car loan application. Instead, we treat everyone equally so that they can purchase any car they want from dealerships throughout Canada.

To show you how flexible we are as a financial institution, here are a couple of situations where we provide car loans:

Discharged from Bankruptcy

Have you just been discharged from bankruptcy? If you approach a financial institution such as a bank for a car loan, your application will get rejected. However, with TakeTheDrive, we help build your credit score by taking a car loan so that it becomes easier to approach other lenders.

Consumer Proposals

Has a consumer proposal stopped you from getting a great car loan? When you choose TakeTheDrive, we make sure that everyone has personal transportation with our car loans.

With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, you know how difficult it is to get your car loan application approved. However, TakeTheDrive makes it easier to get car loans, despite having bad credit. We have partnerships with a large number of dealers across Canada so that you get the best offers and payment options for your car loan.

With No Credit

Is this the first time you are taking a loan with a financial institution? TakeTheDrive ensures that your application gets accepted immediately. We will take your income and employment history into consideration so that you can get a car loan without any credit.

With Trade

Are you stuck with a trade-in but you really need a car loan? Approach TakeTheDrive today so that you can trade-in your vehicle’s old car loan. We will pay it off and deduct the positive equity so that it decreases your payments.

With Zero Down

You don’t have to even put money down if you choose to get your next car loan with TakeTheDrive. A large number of our customers get their loans approved for $0 down.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of taking a car loan with TakeTheDrive? Fill in our online application as soon as possible so that we can start processing it immediately!


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