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Car Loan for Bad Credit

Don’t you wish that you owned a car so that your life becomes simple and straightforward? Just like you, it is the dream of every Canadian to own a car from a reputed manufacturer. You have the luxury and comfort of traveling around Canada according to your needs and requirements. You no longer have to call your friend or family member to find out if you can borrow their vehicle to run an errand. Also, if you need to head to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for your lunch and dinner, you can do it immediately.

The advantages of owning a car are incredible as you have personal transport. You can drop your kids to school every day and pick them up on your way back from work. While it is the dream of every Canadian to have complete freedom when it comes to transport, not everyone is lucky.

If you happen to be the portion of Canadians who have bad credit, then it is extremely hard to get a car loan from most financial institutions. The major problem with all financial institutions is that they only take the credit score of individuals into consideration, for accepting and rejecting car loans. As a result of this, your credit score should be close to perfection, if you wish to get a car loan from any financial institution.

Even if you manage to get a financial institution to accept your loan application, are you prepared to pay high rates of interest?

TakeTheDrive is different from other financial institutions in our country as we understand the hardships faced by the people living in our country. We make it easy to get a car loan even if you have no or poor credit. Whether you are a first-time buyer, you went bankrupt in the past, or you made a series of late payments, you can always get a loan with TakeTheDrive.

Here are some of the scenarios where we offer car loans:

  • Car Loan for No Credit

  • Car Loan for Post Bankruptcy

  • Car Loan for Used Cars

  • Car Loan for New Cars

  • Car Loan for Good Credit

  • Car Loan for Slow Repayment

Fill our online application so that you can become the proud owner of your dream car!


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