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Did you know that the credit score of 25% of the Canadians is up to the standards set by the bank? But, what happens when you don’t have a good credit score? It becomes much harder for your loan application to get accepted by the bank. In other words, when you want to take credit from a bank so that you can purchase a car, the solution for all your transport problems, it becomes an uphill task. Also, if you get a loan from a financial institution, you will have to dish out larger sums of money, because of the high-interest rate.

In Canada, having a vehicle is a must as it gives you the freedom to move about the country on your terms. Whether you are looking to surprise your friends in Vancouver or Toronto, or head to the nearby market to purchase groceries, a car makes your life convenient and straightforward.

However, you don’t have to worry about your credit rate as long as TakeTheDrive is around. As a top financial institution, it is our goal to make lives for all Canadians free from limitations. We make it easy and simple for you to get any car that you want to purchase and pay for it easily.

To ensure that you have a wonderful experience with our services, we make the pre-approval application available online. Just fill in all the necessary details so that we can connect you to a nearby approval center. They will provide quick assistance so that you can be on your way to purchasing the car that you set your eyes on in the showroom.

Here are some of the situations that we are specialists in:

  • 1st Time Buyers

  • Bad Credit

  • Collections

  • Consumer Proposals

  • Discharged Bankruptcy

  • Missed Payment

  • No Credit

  • R9’s

  • Repossessions

Get approval for your car loan with TakeTheDrive today so that you can get personal transport as soon as possible. You will only take two minutes to fill up our online app.


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