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Bad Credit Car Loans in Alberta

Are you finding life to be challenging because you can’t get a car loan as you have bad credit? Do you want to rebuild your credit score so that you can get loans from financial institutions easily? If yes, then TakeTheDrive is the answer to all your problems. Our team of finance experts will help you out so that you can get a bad credit car loan so that you can drive home with the vehicle of your dreams.

The reason why we are different from other financial institutions is that we don’t judge your ability to repay the car loan by looking at your credit score. To be honest, we like to give everyone a second opportunity to correct the credit mistakes they made in the past. Due to this reason, if you want to pick up a car, SUV, truck, or van, we are ready to help you out.

To give you a taste of our world-class services, here are a few ways our finance specialists will give you the help you need:

  • As our staff has been handling customers with bad credit for years, we have the right expertise

  • We find lenders who are specialists in providing loans to customers with bad credit

  • The dealerships will have a wide range of vehicles, giving you the liberty of finding the right one that fits your needs and budget

Also, you should keep in mind that a large population of the Canadians in Saskatchewan has had to deal with bad credit at some point in their lives. Here are some of the situations where people’s credit scores got affected:

  • Been missing out on payments ranging from one day to over five years

  • Collections from dentists, gym memberships, cell phones, and utilities

  • Got fired from work, due to which they were unable to pay credit card/loan payments on time.

As you can see, we have helped customers get their credit scores back on track, despite their history. If you live in Alberta and you want to get out of the bad credit category, all you need to do is get in touch with us. We also provide our top-notch services in the following areas:

  • Calgary Alberta

  • Red Deer Alberta

  • Airdrie Alberta

  • Edmonton Alberta

  • Fort MacMurray Alberta

  • Cold Lake Alberta

Apply today so that you can get a wonderful car despite having bad credit!


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