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Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton

Getting your car financed can be a frustrating affair if you have bad or no credit. But don't worry if you are facing a challenging time because we at TakeTheDrive can help you. We seek to make the loan application process easier for thousands of Canadians who are struggling with bad credit. We make sure that people get bad credit car loans as fast as possible so that they fulfill their dream of owning a car.

Our customers are located across Canada, and they can be categorized into:

  • People looking for a car, SUV, minivan or a truck.

  • People of legal driving age in their region.

  • A Canadian resident.

  • Employed professionals with an income.

  • People struggling with bad credit.

If you meet the above criteria, then perhaps you are in the right place. You can apply for bad credit car loans for free with us. It takes about two minutes to complete the application form, after which we get in touch with you with all the necessary information pertaining to your vehicle. Our credit specialists are capable of dealing with bad credit resulting from different factors, such as divorce, bankruptcy, collection, R9's, missed payments and repossessions.

You can get your bad credit car loan approved in three simple processes:

  • Fill out the online form, which is easy and secure.

  • After the application, we will get you connected with a local approval center, which processes your application and provides different vehicle options. We will also match you with popular car dealers in your region so that you get the best car for a good price.

  • You can then rebuild your credit by making regular installment payments.

So why delay? Apply for a loan now and fulfill your dream of owning a car.


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