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Bad Credit Car Loan

Looking to upgrade your vehicle but bad credit is holding you back? Don't worry, we can help. TakeTheDrive can help you get your vehicle financed even when you have a bad credit score. We understand that not all Canadians have good credit scores. Failure to make bill payments on time, bankruptcy and repossessions can lead to bad credit, which may stand in the way of people's dream of owning a car.

At the same time, bad credit car loan providers shy away from bad credit customers and show their preference towards prime customers, who have above-average income and high credit scores. Banks and lending institutions deny the approval of loans to these customers for the fear of default payments from these customers. Therefore, it can be an extremely challenging affair to get a bad credit car loan in Canada if your credit rating is unconvincingly low.

This is where TakeTheDrive can help you by connecting you with different dealer partnerships in different Canadian regions. Here's what you should know about bad credit car loan

  • Preparing for a car loan - Firstly, we help you choose a car type, which helps us to find dealers in the region. By letting us know what type of vehicle you are looking for, we can better explain the monthly payments you might have to make during the loan period. You can use our car loan calculator to know this.

  • Applying for a loan - You can fill out an online car loan application form, giving details of your address, contact details and employment. We will conduct an evaluation of your financial position and 'car needs' and help you make your investment easier and simpler.

  • Connecting with a representative - In the last stage, we match your loan application with a network of local representatives with whom you can discuss your vehicle needs and monthly installment payments. We ensure that you get the best dealers in the region so that you get the vehicle of your choice.

At TakeTheDrive, we seek to help people get their dream vehicles without any hassle of getting approvals from local centers. So what are you waiting for? Simply apply on our website and we will get back to you at the earliest


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