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Bad Credit Auto Loans

Thousands of Canadians tackle difficult financial situations that often keep them away from owning a vehicle. While most Canadians see vehicle ownership as a matter of luxury and comfort, there are others who feel that owning a vehicle can make their lives a lot more convenient. But, despite this strong need for a vehicle, not everyone can afford it.

Low or no credit scores are also another reason why many Canadians are not able to fulfill their dream of owning a vehicle. It has been seen that about 25 percent of people in Canada have a credit rating of 699 or lower. Although there are bad credit auto loans available in Canada, not all service providers cater to the needs of bad or no credit customers. Sadly, these service providers and banks only cater to prime customers with high credit scores because they fear bad credit customers would ultimately land up in their defaulters' list.

But don't let poor credit scores hold you back from owning a vehicle. You can approach a company like TakeTheDrive, which provides low-cost bad credit auto loans to thousands of Canadians who are wishing to buy a vehicle for the first time. We, at TakeTheDrive, focus on customers who are facing a tough time getting their vehicle loan approved by local centers. Our bad credit auto loans are useful in the following financial situations that lead to bad credit scores:

  • Consumer proposals

  • Bankruptcy

  • Missed or late bill payments

  • R9's and written-off account

  • Repossessions of vehicles

  • Collections

Bad credit scores can be a result of multiple reasons. But TakeTheDrive knows that it's not your fault. You can apply for bad credit auto loans online and get a variety of vehicle options that suit your budget.


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